Mod DB

With the passage of time, we thought it would be important to say a few things for the record:
1) It was a lot of fun working with the people on this project back in the day, even though we didn't always get along. It was an opportunity for us to grow in the industry and try new things from a technical standpoint, using an original work as a base to see how we could push gameplay and the engine at the time. Most mods at the time had remakes and the original Heart of Evil seemed like a logical choice simply because no one else had done it and the source files were available so we could do more complex edits beyond simply the models. At the time our skill levels were fairly uneven and wanting to get something out the door meant a remake was a logical choice. This is a fairly common discussion especially when you have access to source code to save yourself some time. Due to several engine updates, we aren't even sure how well the game runs anymore. 
2) In all honesty, as we've aged, the subject matter and content of this mod has made us somewhat uncomfortable. Even though the original creator of Heart of Evil and our team intended the entire thing as satire and stupid jokes, most weren't admittedly that funny; the world as a whole has matured for the better and mods like this do not really have their place in it anymore. We completely understand and are totally okay with this really. Most of the humour was untouched from the original (released in 2002) by our team, but at the time we did not remove/address it as it was more socially acceptable than it is now. This obviously does not make it the right choice retrospectively, but it is the reality of the historical situation. It was the product of a very different time and world. At this point, we have long passed the point where we can really identify with this project beyond a raw technical level.
3) If there is a group of people out there that can appreciate this mod for what it was or what it was supposed to be, that is great, but we also understand that unfortunately, satire is not always something that ages well, if at all. Many comedic sketches and programs have had to change and adapt with the ever more growing social conscience of our age and that means a more positive and inclusive world for us all. No one that worked on this project would ever want to present content that people would find intentionally offensive. If there has been any offense, we want you to know that was not the intent then and it certainly isn't now over a decade later.
Hopefully, despite these things, some enjoyment/entertainment can be garnered from it (such as how absurd things can be), or at the very least, a time machine to show how far we have come in 10 years. As mentioned above, coming this far as a society where we question the intent of things like this is a positive sign and we wanted to you to know that we count ourselves with those people. We hope that the content that we have created will continue to be repurposed for better creative uses.

Thanks for reading.